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BO-ECLI - Building On ECLI


Palmirani Monica

Ambito di ricerca

  • Legistica e Legimatica


Progetti di ricerca

Area disciplinare

  • Informatica giuridica
  • Legal Informatics


Enti coinvolti

  • ITTIG-CNR - Istituto di Teoria e Tecniche dell’Informazione Giuridica
  • Università degli Studi di Torino
  • Università di Bologna


BO-ECLI (Building On ECLI) is a project financed by the European Commission under the eJustice programme. The main objective is to promote European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) that is a human readable and computer processable code that can – in principle – be assigned to every judicial decision from every national or European court. Its aim is to facilitate unequivocal citation of judgments and to improve cross-border accessibility of case law. The objectives of the project are five: 1. to introduce ECLI into the case law repositories of Belgium, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia and Croatia and to connect them to the ECLI Search Engine of the European e-Justice Portal (‘ESE-EEJP’). 2. to improve the accessibility of case law documents by making the legal references therein computer readable using parsers, tools, software. 3. to enrich the current ECLI standards in order to make it compatible with other semantic web standards – like RDFa, Akoma Ntoso and the European Legislation Identifier (ELI). ‘ECLI 2.0’ will be fully backwards compatible with the current ‘ECLI 1.0’. 4. to assess quantitative and qualitative aspects of the publication of judicial decisions within the Member States of the European Union and to develop policy guidelines for improving the open access. 5. to address the lack of knowledge on ECLI within the legal community and other interest groups.


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BO-ECLI (Building On ECLI)