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Academic Offerings at CIRSFID

The graduate and postgraduate programmes offered at CIRSFID are focused on information technology and law, the philosophy of law and legal theory, the sociology of law, the history of law, and bioethics, in which areas the centre carries out research leading to publications and discussions at scholarly conferences.

These activities form the background to the centre’s graduate and postgraduate offerings, which are as follows:

Ph.D. Programmes

Law, Science and Technology Joint Doctorate: Rights of the Internet of Everything (Last-JD-RIoE)
A 3-year interdisciplinary PhD programme allowing students to pursue innovative research projects in collaboration with industrial, international, and governmental partners throughout Europe.
Ph.D. Programmes in Law and Technology
A programme split into two curricula: ICT Law and Legal Informatics, on the one hand, and Bioethics, on the other

Summer School

LEX Summer School
Training students to manage legal knowledge and digital documents
Summer School on Law and Logic
A course on formal logic in legal reasoning
AI & Law Summer School
A course on artificial intelligence and law

Master's Programmes

Master’s Course in IT Law and Legal Informatics
A course taught in collaboration with EULISP (the European Legal Informatics Study Programme)
Master’s Course in the Processing of Personal Data
Providing the legal and computer skills and training needed to work as a data privacy officer
Pio La Torre Master’s Course
A course on the management and reuse of assets seized from organized crime
Master's Course in Critical Criminology and Security in Society: Deviance, Institutions, and Psychosocial Interactions
A course focused on issues in the areas of security, crime prevention, and penality


Master's Programmes
First-Level Master's Courses
Ph.D. Programmes
Our offering of national and international Ph.D. courses
Summer Schools
The summer school is an intensive programme that trains students for an interdisciplinary approach to law.


CIRSFID: Centre for Research in the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Law and in Computer Science and Law

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