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ALIVE - Advanced Legal Issues in Virtual Enterprises


Pattaro Enrico

Ambito di ricerca

  • Intelligenza Artificiale e Diritto


Progetti di ricerca

Area disciplinare

  • Informatica giuridica


Altri partecipanti

Enrico Pelino

Enti coinvolti

  • CEC - Concurrent Engineering Consulting - Coordinamento;
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Collaborazione;
  • Mazzeschi & Partners - Collaborazione;
  • Loughborough University - Civil and Building Engineering Department - Collaborazione;
  • Gruppo Formula S.p.A. - Collaborazione;
  • J&A Garrigues, Andersen y Cía S.R.C.;
  • University of Oslo - Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law;
  • Kunz Schima Wallentin Rechtsanwälte KEG;
  • Ibermatica S.A.;
  • FJFF - Fiduciaire juridique et fiscal de france, FIDAL;
  • VEA - Virtual Enterprise Architects BV;
  • Advokatfirman Delphi & Co Kommanditbolag;
  • Asesoria Juridica Informatica S.l.;
  • University of Lapland;
  • CIEEL - Centre of International and European Economic Law;
  • University of London, Queen Mary and Westfield College;

Altri Enti

Fritze Paul Schmitt Rechtsanwälte Notare, Schneider Electric Industries sas


ALIVE project overall goals are to address the main legal issues which arise within peer-to-peer cooperation, to provide legal templates aimed at facilitating the definition of legal agreements in the virtual enterprise and to define the implementation scenario and roadmap for an evolution of European legislation in order to support such a new working way in the Information Society.


The ALIVE project achieved the following results:(i)Identification of common taxonomy about legal issues in Virtual Enterprises, which can be conveniently used as a basis to align the European research in the IST framework; (ii) Nine studies on different legal issues; (iii) Constitution of the ALIVE Interest Group, counting more than 200 members; (iv) Definition of Contract Models for Virtual Enterprises, suitable for being re-deployed by users in different contexts; (v) Identification of key recommendations for future development of European Policies on Virtual Enterprises.



Data inizio

Gennaio 2001

Data fine

Aprile 2003