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ALFEBIITE - A Logical Framework for Ethical Behaviour between Infohabitants in the Information Trading Economy of the Universal Information Ecosystem


Sartor Giovanni

Ambito di ricerca

  • Intelligenza Artificiale e Diritto


Progetti di ricerca

Area disciplinare

  • Informatica giuridica


Altri partecipanti

Jonathan Gelati, Alessandra Villecco

Enti coinvolti

  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine - Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering - Coordinamento;
  • National Research Council - Institute of Psychology - Collaborazione;
  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine - Department of Computing - Collaborazione;
  • University of Oslo - Department of Philosophy - Collaborazione;
  • University of Oslo - Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law - Collaborazione;
  • University of Karlskrona/Ronneby - Department of Computer Science;


This project will investigate the application of formal models of norm-governed activity to the definition, management and regulation of interactions between infohabitants in the UIE. Current techniques for controlling interactions in distributed systems are based on mechanistic procedures, so that integrity relies on encryption, passwords, firewalls and so on. As the software processes in distributed information systems become more intelligent – i.e., as they evolve towards infohabitants – there is a need to enhance these procedures. ALFEBIITE aims to supply this enhancement with formally specified, socially motivated, anthropomorphic relations, such as trust, authority, reputation, etc.


The synthesis of inter-disciplinary research in computing, philosophy, psychology, and law delivered a new paradigm in designing, deploying and managing open, distributed intelligent systems. In this paradigm, dynamic social relationships become as important as interface definitions in providing interoperability. This went some way to achieving the envisioned Universal Information Ecosystem: a rich, adaptive mix of diverse and dynamic infohabitants. However, a user-friendly information society built on the UIE is concerned with ensuring that citizens are not exploited, rights are protected (e.g. statutory and consumer rights), and information privacy is not violated. The results of ALFEBIITE provided EC citizens with greater trust and confidence in the new technology of the emerging information society. Furthermore, this project bridged on the one side the human sciences literature (social psychology, sociology and philosophy), and on the other side the growing domain of normative studies in AI, A-life and agent-based social simulation. In particular the psychological analysis integrated with the philosophical, legal, formal, and AI competencies of the other partners, could provide a scientific mediation able to fill the gap between socio-psychological approaches and the sciences of the artificial.



Data inizio

Gennaio 2000

Data fine

Dicembre 2003