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SEAL - Smart Environment for Assisting Legislative Drafting


Palmirani Monica

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  • Legistica e Legimatica


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Area disciplinare

  • Informatica giuridica


Enti coinvolti

  • University of Amsterdam;
  • Be Informed BV;
  • O&I management partners B.V.;
  • Camera dei Deputati;
  • ITTIG-CNR - Istituto di Teoria e Tecniche dell’Informazione Giuridica;
  • Austrian Parliament;
  • EUI - European University Institute;


SEAL is an ICT-supported working environment which supports legislation drafting and consultation processes. It is aimed at assisting drafters, parliamentarians and members of Municipality Councils (the decision making bodies) in doing their daily work. With SEAL we want to accomplish:
• Better streamlined drafting and debating processes by facilitating collaborative work and enhancing knowledge management;
• Higher quality legislation by supporting legislative drafters with best practice formulations and improved access to existing legislation.
• Enhanced accessibility of legislation, including automated and faster publication channels;
• Increased participation and consultation opportunities for citizens and other stakeholders.
SEAL provides drafters and politicians at the European, national, regional and local level with a working environment consisting of:
-an editor with specific legal support functionalities (add-ons) that supports drafters and politicians to make high quality drafts. Examples of such functionality are amongst others:
- on demand suggestions of best practice formulations for legal structures;
- automatic parsing of references, facilitating navigation through legal documents and enabling consistency checking of newly added references;
- an automated generation facility which produces, based on the edited text, amending legislation as well the consolidated version for publication means;
- workflow and groupware facilities such as e-mail routing, discussion groups and ways to comment on each others work.
- a citizens and stakeholder consultation environment.
In the project we will test three different editors (the METAlex General Purpose Editor; the Norma editor and the xmLegesEditor) in three pilot settings. The editors will use METAlex, a European (CEN) XML proposed standard especially designed for the representation of the structure and content of legal and para-legal texts . The pilot will lead to a selection of the most appropriate working environment relative to the work situation. Finally the selected working environments will be improved on the basis of the pilot results and implemented.
Three parliaments have committed themselves to this project (Austria, Italy and the Netherlands). Municipalities will be invited to comment on the proposed solution during one of the dissemination workshops.



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