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LEGAL-IST - LEGAL Issues for the Advancement of Information Society Technologies


Pattaro Enrico

Ambito di ricerca

  • Intelligenza Artificiale e Diritto


Progetti di ricerca

Area disciplinare

  • Informatica giuridica
  • Diritto dell'informatica


Enti coinvolti

  • ESoCE-NET - Coordinamento;
  • Loughborough University - Civil and Building Engineering Department - Collaborazione;
  • CIEEL - Centre of International and European Economic Law - Collaborazione;
  • VTT - Valtion teknillinen tutkimuskeskus - Collaborazione;
  • FJFF - Fiduciaire juridique et fiscal de france, FIDAL - Collaborazione;
  • J&A Garrigues, Andersen y Cía S.R.C.;
  • Kunz Schima Wallentin Rechtsanwälte KEG;
  • University of Oslo;
  • Cespim - Centro studi per l'innovazione d'impresa s.r.l.;
  • CeTIM - Centre for Technology and Innovation Management;
  • Platte Consult GmbH;
  • Pinsent Masons;
  • IBM Belgium;


The objective of LEGAL-IST (a SSA under the 2.3.6 General Accompanying Actions) is to provide support to the IST programme execution and to facilitate the rapid adoption and implementation of the relevant research results, by addressing legal issues and barriers which are hampering the adoption of IST related technologies and business models and by identifying an evolution strategy for the EU regulatory framework in the IST/eEconomy domain.


The LEGAL-IST initiative is devoted to capturing, analysing and framing the legal aspects of innovative technologies and methodologies emerging from within the Information Society, in order to consolidate the results in the legal research undertaken in the IST Framework Programme, support the research activities within the IST priority from a legal point of view, contribute to the definition of emerging Policies for strengthening EU regulatory framework, deliver a on-line community for SMEs.



Data inizio

Aprile 2004

Data fine

Marzo 2007